Radial Stylist Brush 25mm

Radial Stylist Brush 25mm


A specialist styling tool where we’ve infused the ceramic barrel with a fine tourmaline powder which has a high output of negative ions when heated, this helps to smooth down the cuticle and create a shinier, smoother, frizz free finish to the hair. Tourmaline also generates infrared heat which helps dry the hair shaft from within and reduce the amount of damaging surface heat required.

In addition to the tourmaline coating the barrel has a concave hour glass shape designed to follow the contour of the scalp and give an improved pick up closer to the root at the start of the section, this special shape of barrel also plays an important part in keeping the hair section central on the brush which in turn helps speed up the blow dry process and stop the hair from getting trapped around the handle.

The brushes have a light weight construction to aid stylists by helping to reduce the stress associated with the repetitive task of drying hair using a radial brush and flexible bristles designed to provide an excellent grip without creating the drag and mechanical damage that’s often associated with poorer designed hair brushes.

To be honest we designed these brushes as specialist stylist tools packing in the very latest technological advances available to the hairdressing profession and we’re only letting you buy them here because you’re clearly a massive Beever fan and if you’re not a massive Beever fan then shame on you because you should be!