Products used : Body Boost Shampoo   Body Boost Conditioner   Root Boost   No.5 Pliable Fibre   Spritz Fix   To achieve our look we first started by shampooing and conditioning with Beever Body Boost Shampoo, after this we applied Beever Root Boost using approximately 5 sprays of the pump and combed it through to the roots. Having combed the hair back and parted it in our desired location we started to dry the hair using a vent brush to create lift and root movement whilst working from the crown to the front. After drying we used a pair of mini straighteners to randomly curl sections and then brushed the curl out with the vent brush to give us the look of a natural wave. To finish we applied Beever No.5 Pliable Paste as it gives a strong flexible hold but due to its light weight formula won’t flatten the style down, we applied the No.5 by raking our fingers through the hair to break the style up and give some definition before topping off with a light dusting of Beever Spritz Fix.