Products used : Body Boost Shampoo   Body Boost Conditioner   Root Boost   Volume Dust   43mm Radial Stylist Brush   Our model had medium textured fine hair so we really needed to generate some volume in order to create our finished look, we first shampooed and conditioned the hiar with Beever Body Boost before blow drying using Beever Root Boost and a Beever 43mm Radial Stylist Brush to create some lift. The next stage was to divide the hair into 1cm sections and curl with hot iron tongs after applying a small amount of Beever Sculpting Lotion to each section, this left our model with a  'Bo-Peep' look which whilst great, was also far too perfect for the finish we were aiming to create. To achieve our final dishevelled look we worked Beever Volume Dust into the mid-lengths of the hair and began 'back combing' each individual curl using the thumb and forefinger of one hand whilst holding the tip of the curl with the other hand until the entire head was complete.