Products used : Rich Repair Shampoo   Rich Repair Conditioner   Argan Recovery Oil   Heat Shield   Volume Dust   Spritz Fix   Amy’s hair was quite porous so first of all we shampooed and conditioned using Beever Rich Repair before applying our Argan Recovery Oil to help improve the hairs elasticity and shine. In order to protect the hair and lock in the moisture next step was to apply Beever Heat Shield before loosely drying the hair, once dry we used a medium size wand and curled the hair by taking one inch sections from the nape working up (you can use a section clip to keep the higher sections out of the way). To finish the look, with Amy’s head upside down, we sprinkled Beever Volume Dust into the root area and onto the mid-lengths using our finger tips and a light massaging motion to work it in and create a more dishevelled un-kept texture; a final light mist with Beever Spritz Fix gave our look a fantastic flexible hold.