Would you like thicker, stronger and healthier hair?

Have you got hair that is thin, weak or shreds excessively? Our Healthy Hair supplements would be perfect for you and your hair.

In 90 days, you could give your hair a serious health boost!*

Why does the hair become thin and weak?

Lots of people dream to have long, thick hair but this isn’t always possible due to many reasons such as; not having the right diet, a hormone imbalance and ageing.

Your body needs essential proteins and Amino Acids, so if it doesn’t receive them, it will start to take the ones it needs away from non-essential processes like hair growth, leaving your hair thin, weak and possibly even falling out. If your hair isn’t receiving the right nutrients, the hair follicle will starve leaving new hair to grow thinner and weaker.

The first step you should take if you want to achieve thicker hair is to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, but we understand it's hard to maintain a healthy diet which will give you all the nutrients you need, especially for vegetarians as consuming enough protein is a must if you want your hair to grow, an alternative would be using supplements which can provide your body with these nutrients and amino acids in order to get flowing, plentiful and healthy hair!

Why should you choose Beever Healthy Hair supplements?

There are many different supplements which claim to help your hair grow however many only contain vitamins and plant or marine life extract, but our Healthy Hair supplements include four key Sulphur-rich Amino Acids that are essential for the growth and development of stronger, healthier hair.

In addition to these amazing Amino Acids, our supplements also contain essential nutrients such as Zinc, Biotin, Iron and the Vitamins C & D. As an added bonus, they are also useful in promoting the development of Collagen to help with a healthier skin - this is necessary for healthy hair because it gives the follicle a better environment to grow in.

Also, unlike a lot of hair supplements on the market, ours don’t contain marine life extract and are suitable for vegetarians. 

90-day challenge

Take our 90 - day challenge and see the differnce, all you need to do is take our Healthy Hair supplements twice daily for three months.

Why 90 days? It takes approximately three months for the hair to respond to any stimulant due to the way hair grows.

Remember to take some photos of your hair before and after using the supplements so you and others can see the full effect of these amazing, little things.

Our 90 day healthy hair challenge

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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