Curly hair is fabulous! It gives a unique fun look, people with straight hair are fascinated by it and it is becoming more and more fashionable - but it is a task trying to tame and control it as well as making it look stylish, instead you often end up with a frizzy mess that you can’t even get a brush through.

Here are some tips for managing your twisted locks!


Curly or straight hair, you shouldn’t brush your hair when it’s wet - it breaks easily and stresses the follicle out. Of course, brushing it when it is dry causes a forest of frizz which is very hard to tame. Try and use a wide toothed comb to brush your curls or try our Tourmaline Radial Stylist Brush (£14.50 to £17.80.) This specialist styling tool has a ceramic barrel which we have infused with Tourmaline powder - Tourmaline has a high output of negative ions when it is heated which helps smooth down the cuticle and create a shinier, smoother, frizz-free finish to the hair. As well as this, the brush has flexible bristles and a lightweight hold which helps reduce the amount of mechanical damage caused by brushing the hair.


Curly hair is a lot dryer and more prone to damage, this is because the cuticles are not able to lay flat due to the shape of their hair, this means the cuticles are open and therefore more open to damage. Due to curly hair being so dry, it is important to keep it hydrated - our Rich Repair Shampoo and Conditioner are designed to combat most type of damage, it helps replaces important Amino Acids and natural oils that have been lost or damaged by penetrating the cuticle with a moisture-rich formulation - perfect for curly hair. It also helps improve elasticity, prevents further breakage and reduce the formation of split ends. There is also a Rich Repair Mask (£15.95) which is a concentrated booster shot for hair with severe internal structure damage; this product will seriously help give your hair life back.  


As mentioned, curly hair is seriously dry which is the main reason it becomes so frizzy. Keeping the hair moisturised with reducing and prevent dryness and therefore cause less frizz. Our Argan Recovery Oil (£16.20) is a little miracle! It is a finishing and conditioning product and does so many jobs - it soften thick course hair, gives a natural glow to lifeless hair, helps repair damage and strengthen weak hair,  protects against UV damage, removes frizz and reduces flyaway hair. This product will keep your curls moisturised and tame your frizz!


It is very frustrating trying to style curly hair and usually ends up looking extra frizzy, but it can look amazing when done with the right styling products! Our Curl Definition (£12) is designed to tame, de-frizz, moisturise and define curls without weighing them down. Unlike a mouse, Curl Definition will not dry out your hair or leave the curls feeling crispy and covered with styling product. Instead, it will tame and enhance the natural movement of curls leaving them defined with less frizz and a gentle sheen - this product will seriously do justice for your lovely curly hair and make you so proud to be rocking curls!

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