Fabulous salon-looking hair starts here

With the right styling products, you hair can look amazing

Upgrade your hair care routine with these next-gen products to cause less damage and create gorgeous, effortless salon smooth looking hair.

When we formulated our styling range we used our experience as stylists to design products that perform and hold exactly the way a hairdresser expects them to.

Get set to Refresh

Want that freshly washed look in a flash? Daily Revive is an ultra-gentle light moisturizing mist ideal for use on both wet and dry hair, to soften and protect while cleansing your hair, absorbing oil and impurities to leave you with gorgeously swishy tresses.

Smooth operator

For extra hydration and protection against breakage or damage, use our Argan Recovery Oil either daily or just before styling. It replaces lost oil and restores moisture, eliminates frizz and defines and smooth strands, helping give your locks a new lease of life.

Caffeine boost

Root Boost is like a morning coffee for your hair. The ingredients work together to encourage a healthy scalp and to create root lift and volume that lasts all day. Say goodbye to thin, lifeless locks!

Touch of Genius

Modern styles often need a strong hold, core foundation product that gives support throughout the day and to achieve that we formulated Sculpting Lotion using Cellulose Gum from the cells of cotton plants. Whether you’re curling, straightening or blow-drying for every day - wear or elegant evening styles, Sculpting Lotion will give you that extra lasting hold for a fabulously soft, silky feel.

Happy Hair

Thermal defence is a must for anyone using heated styling appliances as direct heat rapidly damages the hairs internal structure, destroying Amino-Acids and leading to problems such as breakage, dehydration, premature thinning or split ends.

We formulated our Heat Shield using Amino Acids from Rice Protein and added Panthenol along with Castor Seed to ensure it continues to work at temperatures above 200 degrees.

Making waves

Curl Definition is perfect for taming, de-frizzing, moisturizing and defining your curls. Formulated with Almond Oil, Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 to give a weightless finish without coating the hair. Helps to maintain hydration and reduce the static charge normally associated with frizz for a serious hair envy!

The Final Touch

A pump-action holding spray that will add a light glossy sheen to finished styles. Spritz Fix allows you to create extra hold without leaving tell-tale residue on hair.

Perfect pick-me-up

Gloss Drops is a super concentrated high gloss, anti-frizz finishing serum that’s great for controlling flyaway hair or for adding extra shine to finished styles. It has a lightweight formula that leaves hair soft and silky without weighting it down, for super soft, catwalk worthy shine.

Pump it up

Made with a special blend of styling powders to create natural day-long texture, hold and volume, Volume Dust works by encouraging each strand of hair to grip it’s neighbor creating a scaffold to support the style. Ideal for festival looks, elegant wedding styles and hair up evening creations.

Your hair looks fantastic!







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