Castor Oil for your hair. What it is and why it works.

Have you got dry, or damaged hair? Or suffer from a dry, itchy scalp?

You might want to try incorporating Castor Oil into your haircare regime!

Castor Oil is amazing for your hair - it is rich in minerals and full of vitamins which are all great for your hair and scalp. It also carries ricinoleic acid and omega six essential fatty acids which accelerate blood circulation to the scalp to improve hair growth. It nourishes the scalp and strengthens the roots with the help of essential nutrients.

It is known for its moisturising properties which is a big reason many people with Afro style hair use it. Due to these properties, it is a great product to use when seasons change - especially in Winter as your hair seriously lacks moisture at this time. It helps heal the hair’s fibres, giving a much smoother feel to your hair - it is also really effective for hair growth!

Castor oil in its rare form is hard to get hold of today, but luckily for you, it is an ingredient in many of our products!

Daily Revive - £12

This product is a surface moisturising mist which doubles up as a leave-on conditioner and a detangler. Due to Castor Oil being the main ingredient this product gives the hair an extra softness and sheen, the moisturising properties in the oil makes your hair feel fresh and hydrated.

Body Boost Program - £25

Castor Oil is an ingredient in our Body Boost Shampoo and Conditioner. These products clean and condition the hair without damaging the internal fibres, building strength and increasing radial thickness. Body boost will take your limp hair and give it life again! As inner strength builds, the hair can start to hold itself up giving styles a fuller, volumized look.


Heat Shield - £8.20

This product provides important thermal protection against damage from heated appliances such as irons, wands and tongs that work above and below the 200c range. It is humidity resistant, so it will help to stop hair becoming frizzy in moderate humid conditions, with additional UV filters making it an excellent all-round protector. The Castor Oil in this product will ensure a hydrated, smooth finish.

Sculpting Lotion - £11.20

This lotion includes Castor Oil, so it will give you a smooth finish and keep your hair hydrated. It is a strong hold styling lotion which is a cross between liquid gel and a setting lotion providing hold and support for blow drying, curling straightening or pin curls. It is fantastic for adding waves or supporting a ghd style curl. It is also perfect for creating a ‘wet look’ sheen with the hold on dry hair, or a polished finished to slicked back styles without feeling heavy or sticky.

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