7 top tips to make your hair grow faster

Yes, you can get the hair you really want.

Most of us wish for long, luscious, thick hair but it is so hard to achieve it! Believe it or not, your diet is the biggest thing to affect your hair growth and thickness, if you haven’t got balanced, healthy diet your hair will not be receiving the nutrients it needs to grow. We know it can be hard to maintain a balanced diet, so we have provided you with some top tips and products which will definitely make your hair grow faster and thicker…


1. Use a hair mask

Hair masks do wonders for your hair - our Rich Repair Mask is the ultimate concentrated booster shot for damaged hair and will make your hair feel completely revitalised. The ingredients include key amino acids which are needed to make your hair grow and help deal with damaged hair. Use once a week and make your hair feel loved! 

2. Cut it

This might seem a bit strange but cutting your hair can help it grow. It’s important to keep the ends of your hair neat to prevent split ends from working their way up and therefore won’t need to cut it as often, so it’ll have more time to grow. Using a high quality shampoo also replaces the bonds that lead to split ends.

3. Use shampoo that won’t affect the natural oils

One tip for growing your hair is to go easy on the shampoo as a lot of shampoos strip your hair of natural oils which are essential to help your hair grow. Rather than not shampooing as often, you could get a new shampoo which won’t strip your hair of these oils. Our Daily Cleanse Shampoo is a gentle everyday shampoo which will maintain moisture and doesn’t strip out natural oils.

4. Embrace Conditioner

A good conditioner is essential as it replaces proteins that have had a gradual decrease inside the hair shaft, it also helps to seal to the cuticle and prevent damage to it. Our Body Boost Conditioner is ideal for restoring protein and natural oils in your hair; ingredients include Wheat protein, Castor Oil, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E. These all help build strength and create volume in fine, limp or lifeless hair without weighing the shaft down.

5. Use Hair Supplements

A great way to make your hair grow quickly is by taking hair supplements, these are often full of ingredients which are amazing for your hair. Our Healthy Hair supplements contain four key Sulphur Rich Amino Acids that are essential for hair growth and development of stronger healthier hair - they also include essential nutrients such as Iron, Zinc, Biotin and Vitamins C and D and they are suitable for Vegetarians! It can take up to three months to see the results from these, but you will definitely see them.

6. Buy a good brush

Brushing can easily break your hair and cause it a lot of stress. It is important to avoid brushing your hair when wet as it is more prone to breaking, it is best to wait til it is dry and use a high-quality bristle brush. Our Radial Stylist Brush has a lightweight construction to reduce stress caused to the hair and also has flexible bristles which are designed to provide and excellent grip without creating the mechanical damage.

7. Don’t towel dry your hair

Towel drying your hair causes a lot of damage and stress to your hair due to the rough motion, wrapping your hair in a towel also pulls on your hair and causes damage. It is best to air dry your hair if you need it drying quickly then blow dry it but be sure to use a good heat protector. Our Heat Shield is a humidity resistant thermal defence spray which helps protect and reduce damage to the hair from heated appliances and UV. Our product stands out as unlike many other heat protectors it continues to protect past 200 degrees which is great if you use ceramic tools.

7. Rinse your hair with cold water

If you are rinsing your hair with water that is too hot it causes damage, rinsing with a lower temperature will prevent heat damage. Also, blasts of cold water on the hair lays down the outer layer of the strands and makes them smooth which will keep heat damage out and lock in moisture.

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