Is winter wreaking havoc on your hair?

Iain Sallis, a key part of our product development team here at Beever and one of the UK’S leading Trichologists is serving up some of his haircare know-how on combatting the harmful effects of winter on your hair. Long or short, curly or straight, our locks have been facing the harsh UK winter weather for the last few months. The combination of freezing temperatures and central heating can cause dry and unruly hair. Luckily, our team trichologist (hair & scalp specialist), Iain Sallis is on hand to give you a few hair care tips. The daily effects of cold weather, central heating and heat styling will leave the hair looking dull and dry. To treat dry hair conditions you have to look at the effects of damage to hair’s moisture content and Amino Acid structure. (Amino acid structures are the building blocks of hair and if damaged can affect the hairs resistance to expel moisture content.) iStock_000022294748Large The Rich Repair range was scientifically developed to repair the hair’s Amino Acid structure. The range uses an innovative essential KAAP (Keratin Amino Acid Protein) formulation to mimic the hairs natural Amino Acid structure, helping to repairing its structure and so to become stronger, softer and noticeably healthier. 1. Treat your hair care routine just like your skincare and develop a daily regimen. I would suggest including a natural moisture-boosting product, such as good quality hair oil that you can use daily. The Argan Recovery Oil is a perfect choice for providing protection from the elements. 2. Investing in good quality products that are tailored to your hair type. For dry hair, you need a range that will help repair the hair structure rather than just making it feel nice by coating the outer hair cuticle for a temporary smoothing effect. The Rich Repair Shampoo and Conditioner is infused with natural ingredients such as key amino acids harvested from Keratin Protein, Rice Protein, Wheat Protein and Soy Protein to strengthen the hair internally. This will give the hair new strength and elasticity without over burdening. 3. Use a hair mask once or twice a week. If you find that masques and treatments generally leave your hair too coated and heavy then apply a product like the Rich Repair Mask. It is bursting with KAAP to give hair an intensive moisture boost but it won’t weigh it down on leave it coated.Do this treatment weekly and you should see an overall improvement in the condition of your hair in a few weeks. 4. Make sure you always use a heat-protecting product as a preventative – I can’t stress this enough! There is no cure for badly heat-damaged hair other than a cut. If you can’t lay off the straighteners use a lightweight heat protection spray, like our Heat Shield, it helps protects hair from over use of heated styling tools. Try turning the heat down on your straighteners to below 180˚c and try to use them in moderation, also make sure your heat product works at higher temperatures, there are a lot on the market that don’t which means you’re not getting the protection you need. There is no better time than mid winter to step up your beauty regimen and treat your hair to TLC and extra protection with products from our of Rich Repair range.

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