Beever Spritz Fix has firm hold on HJ magazine

Our popular Spritz Fix has been named as one of the best hairsprays in the industry favourite, HJ magazine. In a feature named 'Focus on...hairsprays' Beever Spritz Fix came out on top - praised by the magazine for its workable hold and versatility - ideal whether you're going for sleek or dishevelled.... Buy the Beever Spritz Fix So keep those flyaway locks at bay and hold your coolest hair creation firmly in place with Beever Spritz Fix. Who is it for and how do I apply it? HAIR TYPE - Suitable for all hair types. HOLD - Strong. FINISH -Strong hold hairspray without stickiness or build up. STYLING TIPS - Use to keep the finish you've created, or work into the layers for a more dishevelled, 'rock' look with perfect hold. TO APPLY - Hold at arms length above your head and spray evenly over style. Remember not to get too close or your hair will become sticky and flat.

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