Beever Trichologist is Owner of Largest Group of Trichology Clinics in UK

Were all very proud at Beever HQ (but don't tell Iain or he'll think we're being nice to him, which is unheard of!) Beever's Consultant Trichologist MIT Iain Sallis has become the owner of the largest group of trichology clinics in the UK following the opening of his 10th and 11th clinics in Coventry and Rochdale early next year. Iain, who has been studying trichology since 1999, now has clinics spanning the country, from London and Lincoln to Nottingham, Sheffield and Hull. An expert in his field, Iain often advises celebrities on hair worries and is a walking Encyclopedia on everything hair related, from excessive loss of hair, thinning hair, patches of baldness, hair breakage, scaling problems or excessive oiliness and itching of the scalp. Conditions range from psoriasis, hair loss, alopecia and baldness. He's been part of the Beever team for years now and helped to produce the fantastic cornerstone Beever range. As the UK’s only hospital-based trichologist, Iain works alongside GP’s in BMI hospitals up and down the country. His career started working as a hairdresser after studying for a Philosophy degree at Hull University, where he learnt his trade alongside many of the UK’s top stylists. Iain left to study trichology at the London Institute of Trichologists where he graduated in 2002. During his career he’s been quoted by numerous national publications such as Sunday Times Style, glossy magazines such as Marie Claire and appeared on news programmes as an experienced and skilled professional. Later this year Iain will be appearing on the Discovery Channel’s newest programme, Squeamish, a TV show that will go out across the UK, Europe and the US. Hair loss is still a relatively taboo topic for many people, despite the recent interest in celebrity hair including Gail Porter’s recurrent alopecia, male hair transplants and of course the problems which occur from the over use of heated appliances as seen on some of our favourite styled celebs. Many people are surprised to learn just how many people have or will be faced with hair loss issues, 1:3 women suffer from hair loss problems at some point in their lives and the majority of men are also susceptible to male pattern baldness or similar. Iain spends a lot of his time advocating good hair health and trying to inform the public about the dangers of constant styling, bad diet and even stress and their subsequent effect on hair – his most recent contribution is the organisation of the very first free of charge seminars which combine the skill of hairdressing with the scientific understanding of trichology. Iain will be holding the seminars for salon teams up and down the country, informing them about the tell tale signs of hair problems, and the skills they need to diagnose and advise clients.

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    It’s good to see someone thiinkng it through.

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