NEW Beever Brushes for Glorious Locks

Amazing! As if we didn’t have enough fabulous products, you can now complete your b e a utiful Beever haircare range with one of our spangly new hairbrushes! Oh yes, I hear you say – tell me more… Well these are not just any brushes, oh no! The new Beever range are high quality stylist brushes that are packed with the very latest technological advances available to the hairdressing profession, these radial brushes have been designed for professional stylists to work with! Sounds good? Well let me tell you exactly what to expect from ‘the latest technological advances’ and why you need one (or two, or three) in your life: Key features Light Weight Construction - Light weight design that reduces stress on hair (and on the arm whilst drying, brushing etc…) Concave Barrel -  The hourglass shaped barrel is ergonomically (get us!) designed to follow the contour of the scalp and improve the section pick up close to the root. The shape of the barrel also keeps the hair central on the barrel which helps speed up the blow-dry process and stop hair from getting trapped around the brush handle. Super, no? Tourmaline Coated Ceramic - Tourmaline is a semi precious gem stone (a bit of bling as you brush…) that emits a high number of negatively charged ions and generates infrared particles when heated. The negative charged ions react with the positive charged hair and smooth down the cuticle creating a smoother, shinier, frizz free finish (the more damaged hair is the higher amount of positive charges it contains). The infrared heat that is generated by the tourmaline helps to dry the hair from inside reducing the amount of surface heat that is needed. Tourmaline is also a natural bacteria and odour resister. Flexible Bristles - The flexible heat resistant bristles allow for excellent section purchase without creating drag and mechanical damage to the hair shaft. All in all we’re pretty delighted with the new Beever brush range. Why not treat yourself? We know you won’t be disappointed! Give us a call and we’ll get one sent out to you – no need to thank us! Happy brushing folks, the Beever team x

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