Trend or tragic? The rise of multi-coloured hair

From racy red to electric blue some celebrities love to experiment with their hair colour. Take a look at the celebrity ladies who have had rainbow coloured hair. So what do you think? Does Kate Bosworth rock her tie-dyed tips? Would you love to be as bold as Charlotte Church and go racy red? Celebrities have gone mad for colour over the past month and we have been keeping an eye on the rainbow delights as they exit the hairdressers. Jessie J's shocking purple bob is the newest look in a long line of fabulous hair styles or the singer! Kate Bosworth ditches her usualy sleek blond tresses as she opts for teal green dip dyed tips. Lady Gaga loves to make a statement and here she is with turquoise hair. Lily Allen looks super cute with her bubblegum pink hair. Rhianna is a siren as usual with her rich glossy red locks. Yellow tips, really Gaga?

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