The Hairdresser Magazine – Beever – A Name You Can Remember

Want to know what the leading stylists have in their session kit bags? This month's 'The Hairdresser' magazine know it's Beever. Designed for stylists for demanding hairdressers who are passionate about the looks they want to create. As we've been telling you all along, it's not glitzy, it's not glamorous, it's simply high performance professional products that clients will love, love, love! So all you hairdressers out there, get 'Eager about Beever' and get a whole starter kit for just £60. You know it makes sense. Call the Beever Science Lab on 0844 824 6969 and mention the 'Beever Hairdressing Council' to receive this wonderful offer. The starter packs will all contain:
  • Beever Daily Cleanse Shampoo
  • Beever Daily Moisture Conditioner
  • Beever Shaping Paste
  • Beever Moulding Clay
  • Beever Gloss Putty
  • Beever Mattifying Paste
  • No. 5 Pliable Paste
  • No, 6 Pliable Fibre
  • Beever Root Boost
  • Beever Heat Shield
  • Beever Daily Revive
  • Beever Sculpting Lotion
  • Beever Spritz Fix
  • Beever Gloss Drops

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    Essays like this are so important to breaiondng people’s horizons.

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