Full Beever range headline in Professional Hairdresser 'Spotlight' feature

We're big fans of top hairdressing maagzine, Professional Hairdresser - so when we found out they were featuring our full range in their New Year's 'Spotlight' feature we were overjoyed. Moreover - we couldn't have got a better review from the mag, take a look and let us know what you think.

Children of the revolution

Beever introduce nine new products to fuel its ‘We Only Care About Hair’ revolution Beever’s ‘We Only Care About Hair’ range aims to arm salons and their stylists with styling waxes, sprays and serums, alongside products to prepare, revitalise and nourish clients’ individual styles and cuts. Original Beever styling products, No.1 Shaping Paste, No.2 Moulding Clay, No.3 Gloss Putty, No.4 Mattifying Paste, No.5 Pliable Paste and No.6 Pliable Fibre paved the way for the ‘We Only Care About Hair’ revolution. The range has now been expanded and features nine new forces in its style army, developed and made in salon by stylists. “For me, Beever is about more than just a brand name sitting on a salon shelf. For me it’s about nurturing and caring for the industry I love. It’s about creating workable products that support the hairdressing industry, create sustainable relationships, educate stylists and owners and ultimately deliver the styles consumers want.” Steve Beever, CEO

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